Councillor calls for duck shooting ban at local wetlands

April 23, 2024 7:12 am in by
Lake Modewarre [Google Maps]

A Surf Coast councillor wants duck hunting permanently banned in two local lakes.

Kate Gazzard has put forward a motion at Tuesday night’s meeding, calling for Lake Gherang and Lake Modewarre to be closed to duck shooting.

The motion asks for the council to write to relevant authorities, including the Environment Minister and the Game Management Authority, calling for the permanent closure of the wetlands, due to the safety impact on residents, around 250 metres away.

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Cr Gazzard also wants Brown Swamp to be closed to shooting, and for it to be reclassified from ‘game reserve’ to ‘recreation and environment reserve’.

She says shooting close to homes is unsafe physically for the residents, but also for their mental health.

The motion also says there is no signage to warn visitors to Lake Modewarre to be aware of duck shooting during the season.

Victoria’s duck hunting season is currently underway, and will close after sunset on June 5.