Don’t stock up on eggs due to shortage

June 11, 2024 7:21 am in by
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Locals are being urged to not stockpile eggs.

It was announced on Sunday that Coles would put buying limits on eggs due to a national shortage, but the state government says they don’t anticipate a shortage.

A fifth property – the fourth in the region – was found to have bird flu last week.

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The state’s chief vet Dr Graeme Cooke told media there is no reason to stock up.

“Firstly, very important to emphasise that eggs are safe to eat and all poultry products are safe to eat – and of course they always have to be properly cooked,” he said.

“We are told by the leadership of the egg industry that there are plenty of eggs being produced in Australia and if there are some, perhaps, temporary supply interruptions for some suppliers then those gaps and those interruptions will be corrected very, very quickly.

“There are a lot of eggs being produced in Australia every day and this is only having a small impact on it.”