Giant arrivals at Werribee Zoo

December 6, 2023 7:22 am in by
The young males making themselves at home [Werribee Open Range Zoo]

Three young giraffes are settling in at the Werribe Open Range Zoo.

The males will mingle with the four adult giraffes already on the zoo’s savannah, along with rhinos.. ostriches and zebras.

One-year-olds Wayo and David, and Jesse, who’s two, arrived from Australia Zoo and Taronga Western Plains Zoo.

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All three have completed their routine quarantine.

While they are currently around three to four metres high, they can grow to be more than five metres and weigh over 1,500kg.

Werribee Open Range Zoo says the arrivals will be part of its commitment to the Australasian zoo breeding and conservation program.

The Giraffe species are classified as vulnerable.


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