Petition to save water skiing on Barwon River

August 1, 2023 7:51 am in by

geelong waterski club petitionA local club is stepping up its fight to allow skiing to continue along the Barwon River.

Geelong Waterski Club is fighting proposed new rules by the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority including shortening its usage of the Barwon River and reducing the hours its members are allowed on the water.

Vice President Brett McLeod said the best times to ski was earlier in the day.

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“Typically in Geelong the best weather we get for wind and flat water is in the morning,” he said.

“So all of our skiiers and tournament skiiers that are training will train early in the morning.”

Mr McLeod said the club had started a petition, saying the changes would not benefit anyone.

“I think once the changes are made, I think it would be impossible to change back and it would be the end of our club.

“There’d be no water skiing in Geelong, we’d have to travel to Melton.”

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The Corangamite CMA said it was currently talking with the river’s main user groups including the ski club.

It said no changes to the rules had been finalised, but once the draft changes had been developed, they would be open to public feedback.

Picture: File image [Geelong Waterski Club]


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