Space junk lightshow over Geelong

August 8, 2023 9:29 am in by

Space junk Deb Power GBA spectacular lightshow in the skies over Victoria that sparked talk of a meteor strike was more likely an old satellite falling from space, according to experts.

The flaming object was spotted plummeting to earth by witnesses from Geelong to Melbourne a few minutes before midnight Monday.

Some Geelong residents reported hearing a bang, while others said they felt the earth shake.

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Geosciences Australia said it identified seismic signals similar to those relating to earthquakes.

Leopold resident Deb Power captured extraordinary footage of the unexpected lightshow on her mobile phone.

“(It went) straight over our house heading off and burning off south east towards Lake Connewarre, Ms Power told Geelong Broadcasters.

“(It was) asolutely spectacular, I thought it was a rocket blasting as I looked from my bedroom window initially.

“I ran to the other side of my house to my sons room balcony to see it go overhead.It was so colourful, I just wasn’t quick enough with the video to show it directly overhead.”

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Astronomers have now confirmed the firebal was in fact a piece of space junk burning up as it crashed through the earth’s atmosphere.

Image, video: Deb Power


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