The Mystery of Why we Never see Baby Pigeons Revealed!

July 19, 2023 11:19 am in by

You might have never noticed, but have you ever seen a young pigeon fluttering about? Take a moment to recall those pigeon flocks you encountered – bet you didn’t spot any babies among them. That’s because these little ones are masters of disguise, and you could easily go through life without ever laying eyes on them. But with the help of a few experts, we have cracked the mystery!

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Debra Kriensky, a conservation biologist from the New York City Audubon Society, spills the beans. “By the time they leave the nest, they are already quite large and resemble adult birds more than they do chicks.” Mystery solved – nothing fancy, right?

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These fledglings have a short window of around 25 to 32 days before they can fly, leaving us with a small chance of spotting them in their youthful glory. Martin Fowlie of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds adds, “Pigeons are born naked and need to grow feathers before they can leave the nest.”

Now, on the rare occasion you stumble upon a baby pigeon, it might need your help. Falling out of the nest before they’re ready to fly, these little dudes could use a hand to ensure their survival. Kriensky suggests, “In those cases, chicks should be returned to their nest or brought to a wildlife rehabilitator.”

Mystery solved, pigeon secrets revealed! Rest easy tonight with this newfound knowledge.