Contractor fined over paint water waste

August 7, 2023 8:17 am in by

epa sign epa1A painting contractor has been fined after contaminated water was found flowing from a building site into a stormwater drain at North Torquay.

EPA officers inspected a site on June 28, finding water used to wash painting equipment was flowing to the drain that led to nearby wetlands.

They found no controls to keep the water onsite to be disposed of properly.

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EPA Regional Manager Tanya McAteer said paint did not belong in local wetlands.

“EPA officers have been inspecting building sites in the North Torquay area after residents expressed concerns about impacts from development upstream of the Karaaf Wetlands,” she said

“The trail of white-coloured water went some distance in the gutter before it entered the stormwater drain.

“Chemicals like this don’t just vanish when they disappear into the drain, they can affect wetlands and other surface waters, and they can find their way into groundwater that’s used for agriculture and household use.”

Record Painting was fined $5,548.

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The developer received an official warning as manager of the site.

Picture: File image [EPA]


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