Dirt bike riders taunt police

August 16, 2023 8:41 am in by
A still from a video showing police being sprayed with stones and dirt as they arrest a dirt-bike rider (Victorial Police).

Police in Melbourne’s west are using two newly purchased off-road bikes to do battle with illegal dirt bike riders.

In a sign of growing frustration with riders police have released recent dash cam footage from Williams Landing where two officers were surrounded by around 15 bikes and taunted.

The incident on July 29 in the afternoon started with people taking off on one wheel in front a police patrol car while others swerved in front before taking off at speed.

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When police arrested a man they were surrounded by other riders who used their bikes to spray dirt and rocks over the officers and their vehicle.

Two bikes were impounded on the day.

The two new bikes police are using to patrol off-road around the west were purchased by the Wyndham City Council.