Duck hunting could be banned from next year

September 1, 2023 9:08 am in by
File image [Andy Meddick]

Duck hunting could be banned from 2024, if the Victorian government accepts a recommendation from a parliamentary inquiry.

The Upper House committee tabled its report in state parliament on Thursday, calling for recreational duck hunting to be banned on public and private land.

Lake Connewarre was one area locally where shooters were able to hunt during this year’s shortened season.

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The committee said native bird populations had fallen over the last 40 years due to habitat loss.

However the reccommendation has angered shooters and some unions.

The Building Union has threatened to stop work on government projects if the ban goes ahead.

However Torquay-based animal activist Andy Meddick urged the government to call that bluff.

The former Animal Justice Party MP said any strike action would not be protected.

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“They do a wonderful job, but they should be out there doing things like protecting their workers on site, upholding the OHS laws- stuff they do already,” he said.

Mr Meddick also believed the ban would come into place.

“This is the result of year after year of surveys of the general population who want to see it banned.

“The last one, I think I remember was over 60 per cent in rural areas actually wanted to see a ban on duck shooting.”