Six-times over the limit at Lorne

March 26, 2024 7:20 am in by
Image: supplied

A motorcyclist who fell off his bike in Lorne has been charged with drink-driving after returning a blood alcohol reading six times the legal limit.

Police spotted the 40-year-old trying to right his machine which was lying on its side in the middle of the Bay Street.

It’s alleged he climbed back on and continued riding before being pulled over after turning into George Street.

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He returned a positive roadside reading before being taken back to the police station where he allegedly blew 0.30 – six times the 0.05 limit.

The Lorne man’s licence was immediately suspended.

He is also expected to be charged on summons with various drink-drive related offences.

Up to 0.05Feeling of well-being, talkative, relaxed, more confident
0.05 to 0.08Impaired judgement and movement, reduced inhibitions
0.08 to 0.15Slurred speech, impaired balance, coordination, vision and reflexes, unstable emotions, nausea, vomiting
0.15 to 0.30Unable to walk without help, sleepy, difficulty breathing, memory loss, loss of bladder control, possible loss of consciousness
Over 0.30Coma, death